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Apple iPhone5 LCD screen replacement tutorial

By enjoying the dismantling of iFixit, we learned that the iPhone 5 is by far the most easy to repair the iPhone, so we do not have to hide tucked, and generally with the iPhone 5, because even if the screen broke, we have the way to replace The Need to remind everyone that the iPhone 5 is still under warranty, if the screen broke, you can get the local Apple retail stores or authorized stores, and now Apple has been on the spot for you to replace the screen. But unfortunately, for the iPhone 5 screen components have not yet listed, it touches on the maintenance tutorial has emerged, we look at the iPhone 5 maintenance in the end how easy it is.

Tools / raw materials
1) Used to replace the screen and digitizer
2) sucker
3) Plum-shaped screwdriver
4) Standard screwdriver
5) blade or any flat metal

Method / step

1. Disconnect the iPhone 5 power before disassembling
Apple iPhone5 screen replacement tutorial

2. Unscrew the two plum-shaped screws next to the dock connector
Apple iPhone5 screen replacement tutorial
3. According to the degree of damage to the screen using a different method of removal. If the screen is still complete, we can use the chuck to remove the screen. Method is: the sucker firmly attached to the position above the Home button, gently up to mention the other hand to hold the fuselage. At first you do not need to suck the entire screen, because there are still some wires at the top connected to the motherboard.

4. If the screen is broken very seriously, we will use the blade. But must be patient and gentle, otherwise you will not only damage the iPhone, there may be injured himself. Method is: from the Home button on both sides of the position to start, the blade into the screen glass and the gap between the border, and slowly slide until you sure enough to reach the pry knife, and then you gently pry up the side of the screen , The same is not required to pry out completely.

5. After opening the screen you will find a silver protective cover, the bottom of the screen and digital converter wire connector, we use the # 00 Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the three screws.

6. After unpacking the protective cover, carefully lift the three wires of the screen to the motherboard to open the entire screen and the digital converter from the body.

7. Remove the screen protector, handset cover, and handset assembly below. With still # 00 Phillips screwdriver. Unscrew the screw, the pry knife with a pry open the protective cover, and then the handset components are also removed, put aside, will be assembled when remember to install back.

8. Remove the front camera and sensor cable. They are on the left side of the handset component, we need to remove it. Carefully pry up these parts, pay attention to the front of the camera under the wire. The noise elimination microphone is pressed onto the screen assembly and can be ejected. The remaining wires are fixed with an adhesive, and the wires are carefully peeled off from the screen assembly.

9. Remove the Home button. Use the # 00 Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screws on both sides of the Home key, lift the Home key cover from the left, but do not completely remove it because the right side has a connector that is glued to the screen assembly. they. Then you can split the Home button itself. Very simple, as long as the hand from the front of a push, Home button on the natural fall off.

10. Well, now we have to just remove the small parts are transferred to the new screen components, followed by the Home key, Home key protection cover, noise elimination microphone, front camera, sensor wires, handset components, handset protection And screen cover, the same can not be less.

11. We will install the new screen on the iPhone 5, it has been waiting for a long time. The steps are: the screen of the three wires connected to the motherboard, install the wire cover, remember to twist back three screws, and finally the screen at the border, closed.

12. Finally, the key on both sides of the keyboard can be changed


Anyway, be careful and careful.

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