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Apple iphone6 LCD screen replacement tutorial

IPhone6 replacement screen skills sharing.

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Method / step

1, repair your equipment may cause damage to the equipment, data loss, before starting maintenance, make sure your phone has been backed up. - through the Itunes backup ---- (1) your device and computer connected to open itunes, select your device on the left side of the computer, in the backup window, select now start the backup. Through the Itunes backup ---- (2) to ensure that your phone and Wifi connected, follow these steps: set-Icloud-storage & backup, click to start the backup.

2, the proposed ----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Relax to yourself before the whole first A big mouthful of Coca-Cola, and then hands-on maintenance of your cell phone, patience, most of the errors are caused by panic caused by the gentle remembrance of you in the operation of these fragile parts planning good attention to the placement of equipment screws and removed accessories when you start Hands-on maintenance, the parts will be removed from the separate, you can put these parts in a small container or clean and smooth objects above.

3, shut down Note: If the screen function is not normal, you can press the power button and press the key until the screen appears shut down the dialog box and then let go.

4. Remove the two screws that are located next to the charging socket. PS: Do not use the wrong screwdriver, with a wrong screwdriver will lead to screw slip wire.

5. in order to prevent the installation, the wrong screw lead parts damage, it is recommended novice friends to use memory pad. PS: Apple's internal structure of the phone design is still very hard. The distribution of screws, depending on the size of the demand and different. So the installation can not be random on the screw, otherwise it will damage some of the accessories.

6, in the screen and the phone between the box into the triangle sheet, and then cut with a triangular piece.

7, remove the two on the battery fixed chip on the cross port screw, and then remove the battery fixed piece placed side. (Note: you have to hold the screen up one hand and the other hand to remove the screws to remove the battery clip.) PS: Open the screen, do not reckless, break the cable.

8, use the phone pry bar flat mouth, slowly hold up the battery connector and then remove. (Note: Be careful to pry the battery connector, do not mistakenly pry the battery connector to the fixed slot, how to misuse you will damage the battery connector.

9, remove the fixed EMI (electromagnetic shielding) cover on the motherboard cross screw, and then remove the electromagnetic shielding metal plate. (Note: counterclockwise to remove the screw, but need to pay attention to the low-end 2 screws than the top of the small, moderate force.)

10, the use of mobile phone pry the tip of the bar, remove the cable here. PS: gently hard on it, although the cable work well, but after all, or fragile, too hard to pry off do not cry, mike will not comfort you :)

11, OK, successful separation, take a photo to celebrate.

12, use a Phillips screwdriver, remove the two fixed on the return button on the cross screw, remove the fixed piece placed side.

13, the use of mobile phone crowbar sticks carefully peel off the key back line, can not be too much force, otherwise it will damage the cable. (Note: If the return key line is damaged, the phone's fingerprint function will be invalid.)

14, remove the handset fixing bracket on the cross fixing screw, place the side waiting for later installation.

15, gently remove the handset with tweezers and place it aside and wait for later installation.

16, use the pry bar, gently shovel loose front camera cable, and then put the cable aside, waiting for later installation.

17, remove the liquid crystal assembly iron edge of the cross fixed screws. PS: a total of seven in the circle.

18, use the pry bar to pry the cable here. PS: cable at the bottom of a small iron, if the sticky too tight, you can use the hair dryer before heating, sticky glue will soften, so that it is easier to pry.

19, after which you can remove the LCD assembly. PS: here on the disassemble finished, then start to install.

20, remove the new screen, remove the protective film after the above. Install the location of the removal when installing the LCD assembly cover.

21, refer to the location of step 17, the installation of cross fixed screws. PS: a total of 7.

22, and then install the return button, the return key inlaid into.

23, then install the return key iron, and install the cross fixing screw. PS: Do not over-tighten the screws, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the return key. After the installation is complete, test whether the button is pressed under normal press.

  • 24, install the front camera cable. PS: how to dismantle how to install, I hope you remember.

  • 25, install the handset. PS: align the position of the good screw hole Oh.

  • 26, install the handset fixed bracket, and install the cross fixed screw.

  • 27, the new screen camera head to 90 ° angle placed on the main frame.

  • 28, buckle on the cable. PS: successful buckle can hear a slight noise. If not, there may not be a good cable.

  • 29, install the LCD assembly cable protection cover, and install the above cross fixed screws. PS: In strict accordance with the screw on the memory pad, screw the position to install the screws. Otherwise it may cause damage to the motherboard.

  • 30, connect the battery cable.

  • 31, flat phone, boot test phone is normal, check the function. - Display - Touch - Camera - Handset - Sensors - Loudspeakers - Volume keys - Recording function - Power key 1: If the function test is not a problem, then turn off. 2: If the function is not normal, may not insert a good cable, remove the screen, disconnect the power, re-check the cable function. PS: success or not to see here friends.

  • 32, install the battery clip iron, and install the fixed cross screw.

  • 33, merge the display.

  • 34, install the screws that are located next to the charging socket. PS: remember to change the screwdriver to install Oh!

  • 35, OK, installation is complete. Thanks for watching!


Anyway, be careful and careful.

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